About us

Our company Cinetech Italiana s.r.l. is well-known world-wide and has an internationally proven reputation in manufacturing of the professional camera dollies. Our plant is based in Rome and from here we are exporting our dollies all over the world. At the moment we are present in the 35 countries, where we manage to guarantee the technical and commercial assistance in 48 hours.

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Our company is constantly developing and is following the fast-moving changes in the movie industry. Today Cinetech Italiana s.r.l. can offer the new-generation gear-base dollies which can satisfy the needs of the most demanding operator or grip. Characterised by great stability, manoeuvrability, manageability and versatility, they require the absolute minimum of maintenance. They are engineered and designed with the latest technology in structural materials and surface finishes and are thoroughly tested to guarantee a perfect operation. All components are made at our plant using the latest technologies in the mechanical industry. Cinetech’s dollies are really resistant, that’s why they can work under any environmental condition. Today the market offers two main types of the dollies – with hydraulically – actuated arm and electronic centre column ones. In order to satisfy both needs we are introducing the new electronic/hydraulic dolly on the market today. It will combine both characteristics- will be operated both electronically or electrically/manually, using hydraulics.


We would like to suggest you 10 REASONS why you should own Cinetech’s dollies:

Electronic/Hydraulic versions in one dolly All parts and accessories are made in stainless steel and are interchangeable
Incredible stability Chainless steering box and small arms, so no need for adjustment
Unique versatility Silent in operation
Very smooth and precise arm movement 3-steering modes – CRAB, CONV, ROUND-AROUND (2 steering modes on request)
Resistant to any environmental condition Free 5-day technical/maintenance course at our plant